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Archive for September, 2009

My first IFR flight in IMC

IFR enrouteFinally some IMC!
After all of  my IFR flight training you would expect to see some actual IMC (instrument meteorological conditions) flight time in my log book, but after about 42 hours of IFR time there wasn’t much. Just a few flights at altitude in and out of the cloud layer, not what I would consider IMC. Well yesterday I made up for some of that. I didn’t think my simulated instrument time provided enough experience to just hop in the plane solo, takeoff into the soup and fly an approach to minimums; so I opted to fly with an instructor. After calling the flight school the dispatcher let me know that one of the instructors would head up to the airport in about an Read the rest of this entry »

Flying Heavy Metal Episode Boeing 747 vs Concorde

boeing-747-200Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden presents the history of jet travel from his perspective as a Boeing 757 pilot for the UK airline Astraeus. A total of five episodes include historical footage from manufacturer’s archives, including a test pilot completing an unauthorized barrel roll in the Boeing 707. Also discusses the development of the de Havilland Comet, the 747 and the A380, Read the rest of this entry »

IFR checkride

172sp panelI have been working on my IFR rating for about a year now and after a few months of pretty intensive training I went for my IFR check ride with my DPE (FAA Designated Pilot Examiner).
My first step was to sign up for the IFR ground school at American Flyers in Morristown NJ. I attended the IFR ground course and studied at night. After the 3 day course I took the IFR written exam and passed with a 90%. It wasn’t the 100% I was aiming for but I will take it.  Read the rest of this entry »

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