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Archive for July, 2011

Off I go to AirVenture 2011!

On to plan B:

Unfortunately Frank had a minor medical issue that grounded him so I was without a ride (in the Cirrus) and friend this year, so after some thought I decided to reach out to some of my other friends. As it turned out Keith Smith of PilotEdge was attending AirVenture as a vendor. Some of you might remember my Lancair flight with Keith a few years ago. Well we have always kept in touch. Allot more on Keith and PilotEdge coming very soon. Well anyway, I made reservations for a one way rental and booked a room in a local house (a lot cheaper than the hotels). I am leaving now 20:30 EST and planning on making it Yungstown PA to my first stop (Supper 8 Motel). Tomorrow (Wednesday 7/27) I will drive the rest of the way. To save money I am dropping off the car and will be using busses etc for my ground transportation. How am I getting home?

That’s the fun part! I am flying back with Keith in the Lancair 360. Should be allot better than the dreaded car ride. Well wish me luck. I will be posting updates on our Facebook page (link below). If you have any comments feel free to send them.

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VFR Flight Morristown KMMU to Andover Aeroflex N12 6/26/2011

Not a perfect flight but still worth watching and learning from. Shows what happens when you are used to flying out of fields with 4000 + long runways. It didn’t help that 20 + members of the flying club were watching from the picnic area to the east of the runway. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

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