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IFR flight to Niagara Falls 2011

Flight log 9/11/2011
Yet another great flight that I am just getting around to logging; I am starting to feel like I need a staff writer. 🙂

So why Niagara Falls again? My normal co-pilot Stephen T asked if I wanted to join the “summerset airport crew” for a flight to the falls, at first I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of flying on 9/11 not to mention the 10th anniversary.

I was two blocks north (on the West Side Highway) when the second plane hit the south tower and saw the first plane just prior to impact with the north tower. My life changed on that day and I will never forget it.

It just so happens that the organizer of this trip is also the chairman of the NYC branch of the USO. He is (among other things) a retired Army Captain and in my opinion, a real patriot. He sent out an email requesting donations and attendees for the first annual USO 9/11 remembrance walk in NYC to be held on 9/10. I signed up and also invited my mother along. We attended and enjoyed it so much that we plan on attending next year as well.

This was my second trip to the falls and as mentioned in my previous post I really wanted to take my son along, but this time Steven had a birthday party to attend to so yet again he was going to miss this flight. Ya never know, third time may be the trick! Read the rest of this entry »

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