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Archive for June, 2013

Commercial pilot training update: 6/24/2013

IMG_1635This update comes with some good news and some “not so good” news.

The good news is that my CFI was happy with my performance and signed me off for the check ride after our flight on Monday. The bad news is that we soon discovered that the airplane would not be available until some time next week (7/1 – 7/7) for the check ride. Read the rest of this entry »

Commercial Pilot training update 6/21/13: The final stretch.

Steep TurnSo here we are. After the “ups and downs” of my commercial pilot training, my CFI has given me the go-ahead and feels that I am just about ready for the check ride. No pressure.

We flew yesterday and I showed improvement with my last two maneuvers -lazy eights and eights on pylons-.

The lazy eights to the left look great, but the Read the rest of this entry »

Commercial Flight Maneuvers practice 6/1/2013

IMG_1547So, in this video I thought I “had it”. Good news is, I now know that I didn’t “have it nailed” but I have a better idea of what I was doing wrong.

It’s a learning process. You know you are close to mastery when you can “see” what you are really doing wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

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