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A day at the airport Andover Aeroflex 12N (HD Video)

aeroflex450My flying club 150th aero flying club had our annual picnic at Andover Aeroflex airport 12N on Saturday 6/12/2009. The weather was bad over most of the state so flying our planes up to the airport was out of the question, but I did get the chance to take some shots of the Piper Cubs making their trips around the pattern using my new Cannon HF s10. If you live in the area and would like to check them out follow this link to the Andover Flight Academy.

I am working on the best way to post HD videos. Do me a favor and let me know how it loads on your end using the comments section. I changed the DivX player settings to fully buffer the video before starting playback. This should elminate playback issues. At least I hope it will. Let me know how it works on your end. Thanks for the help everyone!
If you don’t have the DivX plug in you can download it using the links below.

No video? Get the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac

Video won’t play? Watch the flash version here:

A day at the airport Andover Aeroflex 12N from Mike Bennett on Vimeo.

cubs at 12n

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  • Tim

    I’m not getting any videos.

  • Sweet! I had to install a DIVX codec but then it worked.
    I actually go to that airport often because kittatiny state park backs up to it and I go mountain biking there all the time with Maria because it’s a super easy place to bike off road. I’ve even seen that plane practicing landings on the grass with the big wheels.
    My budd Utah is friends with the guy that owns that old olive drab green plane that is kept there. Last time I was there someone was flying an old army spotting plane. Pretty cool!

  • Mike,

    LOVE the new camera!! Nice job with the editing and music. When I first attempted to watch it, the download wasn’t able to keep up, so I kept getting buffering messages.

    I closed the window and downloaded the divx file directly, got about 770KB/sec (6.1mbps). Based on the filesize (147MB) and the length (5 mins), the video appears to have a 4mbps bit rate.

    I’m not sure, then, why the buffering happened. It should’ve been able to keep up. The divx player may not be 100% efficient in how it streams the file, and wasn’t up to the task.

    I also realized that a 1280×720 video is pretty hard to embed into a web page, in terms of real estate, I think you’re doing the right thing by using a smaller embed size, and just give ppl the option to watch full screen.

    Great job, man…I gots to get me one of those at some point 🙂

  • I changed the buffering settings on the DivX player. Now when you press play the player will fully buffer before beginning playback. This should solve our issues. Let me know how it works for you.. Thanks everyone for your help. 🙂

  • Tim

    How cool is that video. It has the professionally produced look to it. And the mix of the music and realtime sound is balanced great.

  • Tim

    How great is that video. Has look of professional production.

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