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A day at the airport Andover Aeroflex 12N (HD Video)

aeroflex450My flying club 150th aero flying club had our annual picnic at Andover Aeroflex airport 12N on Saturday 6/12/2009. The weather was bad over most of the state so flying our planes up to the airport was out of the question, but I did get the chance to take some shots of the Piper Cubs making their trips around the pattern using my new Cannon HF s10. If you live in the area and would like to check them out follow this link to the Andover Flight Academy.

I am working on the best way to post HD videos. Do me a favor and let me know how it loads on your end using the comments section. I changed the DivX player settings to fully buffer the video before starting playback. This should elminate playback issues. At least I hope it will. Let me know how it works on your end. Thanks for the help everyone!
If you don’t have the DivX plug in you can download it using the links below.

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Video won’t play? Watch the flash version here:

A day at the airport Andover Aeroflex 12N from Mike Bennett on Vimeo.

cubs at 12n

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