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Commercial pilot training update: 6/24/2013

IMG_1635This update comes with some good news and some “not so good” news.

The good news is that my CFI was happy with my performance and signed me off for the check ride after our flight on Monday. The bad news is that we soon discovered that the airplane would not be available until some time next week (7/1 – 7/7) for the check ride.

My CFI went on vacation so I decided to schedule a quick lesson with another CFI for this Sunday 6/30 just to make sure I didn’t get rusty.

Airplane status:
The first issue was that the airplane is going on a trip this week and won’t be back until Saturday night 6/29. The second issue is that it is getting close to its 100 hour inspection. We won’t know if there is enough time left on it to fly the check ride until Sunday. If it is out of time, the check ride will have to wait.

On the bright side, I now have more time to study.

One more thing, I met with the chief pilot at a local skydive operation. I introduced myself and mentioned that I was going for the check ride. His first comment was to “come by when you have 500 hours” to witch I responded, “I am already there”. The next questions was if I had any 182 time, to witch I responded “I have about 70 hours in a 182RG”.

He seemed interested in hiring me as a part time jump pilot and told me to stop by after the check ride.

They have a pretty nice operation at and some nice 182s. One even has a 300HP engine and some great avionics (not that I would be using the avionics much). 🙂

Hopefully the job isn’t gown by the time I get the check ride done…

More updates to follow.

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