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Commercial Pilot Written test passed!

I have some good news, no, I didn’t win the Mega Millions yet but I did pass the Commercial Pilot Written exam on Sunday with a 95%. I would have scored 100% but missed 5 (easy) questions. All performance / navigation / weight and balance questions answered correctly and not by memory (unlike my PPL).

For those of you that might be looking to take a written and would like my advice (for what it’s worth) here goes.

Here is what I did:
1. As with my other written tests I started by enrolling in a weekend ground school at American Flyers, the class ran from Friday to Sunday from 8 am to about 5 pm each day. The cost is below what you would pay for one on one instruction so I highly recommend it.

2. At the time of enrollment, I was given the course book so I could review the information before the class.

3. Study before the class. I even ran through the test a few times (Study buddy from Sporty’s is a great free online testing tool). I didn’t do that well but I did pass. (mid 70s – 80s). This is the most common issue with the weekend courses. People expect to show up “cold” without prepping for the exam and expect to be ready to ace the test on Sunday. This of course can be done, but it is not recommended.

4. Show up for class on time and expect to have some homework. Each night we had to complete a few chapter quizzes. The first day was tough but the second day was easy.

At the end of the day on Sunday you may want to go home and rest a bit before taking the test. I did this for my IFR and VFR tests but not for the CPL. I did well but taking the test right after class made for a long day.

Also I recommend the CX-2 Flight Computer. By far the easiest and quickest to use for the test. I used mine for the IFR and CPL tests.

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