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Dinner flight to Hamilton NY KVGC 6/25/2010

Flight log 6/25/2010

This was our second attempt at our dinner flight to Hamilton NY. During the last flight we made the call to divert to Lincoln Park due ATC routing and a wicked headwind. This time things would go more smoothly, well at least we hoped it would.

To avoid the ATC issues experienced last time Stephen T and I made the call to fly VFR up to Hamilton with Stephen under the hood for practice. He was just learning basic instrument flying at this point and it made me smile watching him make the same mistakes I once made during my initial phases of IFR training i.e. fixating on a single instrument, but after about an hour into the flight he really got it nailed down.

It was a bit bumpy over the mountains and he did really well maintaining heading and altitude. As I understand it, at the time of this writing 9/2010 he has moved on to more advanced phases of his instrument training. I am confident we have yet another fine IFR pilot coming soon. The only work for me on the flight out to Hamilton was to keep an eye out for traffic and provide vectors (heading and altitude) to keep us from flying into some of the lower clouds.

I issued vectors to Stephen all the way into the pattern before he removed the hood. He even ended his flight with a good landing.

After landing we stopped by the airport office to pickup the complementary courtesy car (a 1994 Ford Explorer) she looked bad but ran great.

We made the short drive into town and stopped by the Colgate Inn for dinner. After dinner we took a short walk around (see pictures). I was quite impressed with the town and its people. Too bad on this trip we wouldn’t have more time to discover all it had to offer. For now, it was time to get going. Once back at the airport I made a quick call to clearance delivery. This was only my second time receiving a clearance via telephone and the slower cadence threw me off at first. The clearance void time was a bit short and if I were to do anything different I would have asked for more time. 11 minutes is just a bit tight for start-up, taxi, engine run-up and takeoff but we made it.. At least I think we did.

The flight home was just awesome! Smooth as glass above the haze layer and a really nice ILS approach to end the day. I hope you enjoy the video. As noted the audio cable became unplugged at some point during the flight so I included music.. Let me know your thoughts.

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Flight Date: Friday 6/25/2010
Flight Description: Dinner flight to Hamilton NY with Stephen T in our Cessna 172sp.
Aircraft: Cessna 172sp N159sp
Flight rules: VFR (KMMU to KVGC) IFR (KVGC to KMMU)

Pilot: Mike B and Stephen T.
Weather: Some scattered clouds at 5000 calm winds.

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