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EAA AirVenture by Helicopter (HD Video)

Bell47G-3B-1My first flight in a Helicopter.

While attending EAA AirVenture 2009 I decided to check out the Bell 47G helicopters flying above our camp site every day. So I headed over to the EAA museum. Paid the $40.00 and waited my turn for the flight.

As I was waiting I thought to myself… No one knows that I am taking this flight. I hope we don’t crash! Just then I ran into my friend Dwight.. Again I thought to myself.. Well at least someone knows what I am doing. Just as I entered the helicopter my phone started ringing.. Who might this be? I looked down and realized it was my wife… Now I was thinking that I shouldn’t get into this thing. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. Well, to late.. Time to board..

What an awesome feeling! As we lifted off I was pleasantly surprised how stable the helicopter felt. The girl in the helicopter was another passenger whom I had never met. Maybe a future pilot.. You never know.

As we flew by show center you can see Sean Tucker performing in his Team Oracle Challenger. Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

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