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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009

We made the drive to Oshkosh AirVenture 2009. It took us over 15 hours in my Honda Civic SI.
We stopped at a hotel on the way out just north of Chicago for the night but drove the entire way home without an overnight stop. Click on the below picture to check out some of our pictures from our trip.

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UPDATE 7/25/2009 10:30 EST… I just got off the phone with Flight service and curwx_440x297according to them we have a SMALL window for a successful departure to OSH. But as the day rolls on the weather conditions will once again deteriorate. If I was IFR rated I would make the flight without much concern (except for thunderstorms). Since we are not IFR rated (one pilot is but is not current). The plan has changed to driving 14+ hours to Oshkosh WI… Now I just know we will be driving under beautiful sky’s the whole way! So much for the flight planning….

More updates from Oshkosh to come…

IMG_0197The plan is to fly out to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh from Morristown Airport KMMU on Sunday July 26th in our Cessna 172n superhawk N3054E . You can track our progress on flight aware by clicking on this LINK. Weather permitting we should be at Oshkosh later that same day. To get things started I met with Ed Gilroy (Outbound Leg Pilot #1) the other night to discuss the route of flight. The first two legs of our journey are pretty straightforward. They are almost direct routes even though I plan on using VOR’s as a backup to our on-board Garmin GNS430W and as long as the weather cooperates things should go quite well. It’s the third and final leg that gets interesting (this is also my leg). The following is our proposed route of flight, that being said, weather is looking more and more like it might come into play. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to add your comments below.

First Leg:

KMMU (Morristown NJ) to KBLK (Burke Lakefront CLEVELAND, OH) (VFR Weather permitting) Route of Flight: KMMU BWZ MIP V232 CXR
Total Route Distance: 332NM
Estimated Time in Route: 3:03 (No winds)
Total fuel: 31 gallons (No winds)
This is pretty much a strait shot. I used VORs along our route of flight as a backup to the GPS just incase it acts up.
Click on the images to view larger versions.
Leg 1 route

Leg 1 log

Second Leg:

KBKL (Burke Lakefront Cleveland OH) to KVPZ (Porter County Municipal Airport Valparaiso, IN)
Route Information:
Route of flight: KBKL SKY V6 VWV V92 INKEN KVPZ
Total Route Distance: 240NM
Estimated Time in Route: 2:12 (No winds)
Total fuel: 23 gallons (No winds)
We will have to contend with the Cleveland Class Bravo and the outer ring of Toledo’s class charlie. We shouldn’t have an issue getting a clearance through Toledo and skirting around the Cleveland Bravo (1900 inner vale 3000 outer).
Click on the images to view larger versions.
Leg 2 route

Leg 2 log

Third Leg:

KVPZ (Porter County Municipal Airport Valparaiso, IN) to KOSH (Wittman Regional Airport Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
Route Information: HOLY WAY-POINT BATMAN!
Total Route Distance: 185NM
Estimated Time in Route: 1:42 (No winds)
Total fuel: 17 gallons (No winds)
Well I can write a book on this one but I don’t have to since our friends at EAA already did that for us.
We will fly up the coast at < 2500ft first transiting the Gary/Chicago class Delta and than skirting under the Chicago class bravo (and getting some really nice pictures of the city TFR’s permitting). Once we are clear of the Chicago Bravo inner vale we can head up to 3000 feet. The next airspace concern will be the KUGN Delta. We can play that one by ear. If I am talking to approach we should be high enough if not we can call them up. I used a lot of waypoints on this leg to keep us as confident about our position as possible. The rest of the flight is pretty calm until we get to RIPON. That starts our VFR approach into OSH. I have RIPON and FISK on our flight plan and intend to plug them into the 430 for guidance to the fix. Once we get in the area we are visual. Let the fun begin! Please add your comments below. Thanks for reading. More updates to come.
Click on the images to view larger versions.
Picture 1 Chicago class Bravo TFR Avoidance Leg 3 OSH FISK VFR

Leg 3 Log

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