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Flight to Portland Maine

20110508-100505.jpgWrite-up in progress.. Here are some pictures from the trip.






Flight home from portland Maine yesterday in the 172. Had to delay our return flight due to thunderstorms. We left at 7:45 pm and still flew below and behind a TS over Gardner vor. (ATC vector) We were watching it all afternoon, it didn’t move and even closed Boston for a bit. That storm was nuts! Downdraft even on the edge. Full power at 100 knots just to stay level.
I don’t want any part of a storm like that. Boston center ended up sending us south of ALB to remain clear. About 30 miles south of ALB I crossed the cold front and was in the clear air for the rest of the flight. Even ended it with a beautiful ILS and landing at Morristown! Cool!20110508-100354.jpg


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  • T-Storm season already upon us? Too early for that, but you have to take what you can get.

    Great photos, but what I could really use is some lobster!

  • Kathryn Fortunato

    If you happen to have any audio under control of the MMU tower, I’d greatly appreciate it. There was a female controller there, and May 8th was her last night on the job, passing away that evening. She was my best friend.

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