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ForeFlight Mobile HD iPad Review

My review of ForeFlight Mobile HD for the Apple iPad. Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions below. 

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  • Rafi

    Great! Love the iPad reviews. I just got an ipad3g and I want to use it as a moving map. Any thoughts? Do you use this capability? Continue these videos, very helpful.

  • Thanks for the comment. The moving map on fore flight works really well. I havent had the time to try any others yet, but if you find something let me know.

  • Marco Leon

    Mike, thanks for the review. I've been on the fence for a while on getting the subscription but your review hit on some features that pleasantly surprised me and compelled me to sign up. Nice work!

    Based @KFRG

  • Greg Wroclawski

    I've been using Foreflight on the iPad 3G for the last 7 months and have about 60 hours of flight time with it. You covered all the great points of the Foreflight app and the iPad is a great EFB with it. I just want to point out some of the short comings of the iPad. In turbulance the iPad is very difficult to use the touch screen. I wind up tapping on something I did not wnat to tap as your hand bounces around. The auto brightness doesn't work worth a damn. It dimming range is just a fraction of the total brightness range available with the slider. As an electrical engineer I find this inexcusable. It is so easy to design a good wide range auto brightness control.

    The Foreflight app does not provide a true moving map. You have to manually scroll the map to keep the little airplane in view.
    In addition, probably becaus of the previous issue when you first power up the iPad and the GPS finds your position the map doesn't scroll to where you are. You have to scroll manually across the chart to get to your present position.

  • Mike Bennett

    Thanks for the comment Greg,
    I agree with you regarding bouncing around in the airplane and clicking on things you don't want, that's why I really like the lock feature on the approach plates.
    On the brightness issue. I also agree, but have found that if I turn on "white on black" in the settings menu this works really well (You can also map this feature to triple click of the home button). It simply inverts white and black, giving you a black chart with white airways and a green route. It also works great in Jeppesen Mobile TC (they just added brightness controls to their app and it works great).

    On the aircraft position thing. If you press the cross-hairs button in the upper right hand corner of the screen it will center the map on your airplane. If you only press that (it will light up) and you don't touch the screen it "may" follow you as it does in the map application on the iPad. I will give it a try tomorrow and let you know if it works. Overall it's a great app (not a GPS replacement) but still a great tool.
    Thanks again for the comment.

  • Mike Bennett

    Nice site by the way.. I am adding you to my blog list. Thank you for doing the same. Best of luck at Century. Tell Richard Mike Bennett said hello :-). (Not that he remembers me) I used to fly his airplanes before joining the flying club.

  • Marco Leon

    Are you guys filing through ForeFlight? I found a bug confirmed by the founder where the victor airways are being replaced by the individual waypoints in the "route" field. I did not file to see what was really sent to the FAA because I didn't want to file a bogus plan but I was wondering if it as just a display issue or otherwise. I'm really liking the app otherwise. Now, all we need is an uplink/downlink to the Garmin 430/530 and glass panels…

  • Mike Bennett

    I don't like to file via foreflight since it does not provide previously used ATC routes. That is almost required in the busy northeast. Your point is just another reason I like Thanks for the comment.
    PS; I can't wait to see some sort or datalink WX for the iPad.

  • pilotraf

    Thanks so much! I appreciate that…yeah I wanted to start up a blog to at least let my friends, etc. know what I was up to, and I have really enjoyed doing it – its a nice way to reflect on each lesson. I will pass that along to Richard..I'm enjoying Century, they certainly train pilots well, and they have such an emphasis on safety which is really nice – especially since I started lessons a year ago when I was 16, it was nice knowing safety was #1. Again, great reviews, keep up the great site.
    – rafi

  • Hello Greg. I confirmed on Saturday that if you push the cross-hairs button (it will light up blue) as long as you don't touch the screen it will track the airplane keeping it in the center of the screen.

  • Kirk

    Great review of Foreflight. I noticed that you also had WingX installed on your iPad. How would you compare the two? Which do you prefer? I'm currently trying both to decide which one to subscribe to.

  • Kshelton

    Does the ipad follow the airplane across the sectional without a 3g package from verizon or att if it is infact a wi-fi + 3g ipad?

  • Hello Ken. Let me try and help.
    1. The 3G iPad has an internal gps that works well (it’s what I use). On the ground and within WiFi or 3G range the iPad uses these services to confirm it’s location (assisted gps). WiFi and or 3G is NOT required to lock on to GPS location but it does speed up the process.

    2. The non 3G version of the iPad (WiFi) does not have an internal GPS. I know someone who is using the Bad Elf gps and it works great. It locks on much quicker than the internal GPS so I recommend it even if you have the 3G version.
    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck with your new iPad. Just don’t forget to fly the airplane and not the iPad. 🙂

  • Hello Kirk,
    Sorry for the late response. I get the notification on my iPhone but can’t respond until in front of a computer. I originally tried wing x on the iPad a year or so ago and liked it. It was more gps like than foreflight but kept crashing so I didn’t continue the subscription. This year at Oshkosh and really liked it. I will check it out again and if I like it I might even keep both.

  • Cristitin1980

    Hi mike is cris. I can’t make it work to invert to black n white. N please let me know if the moving map worked

  • Greg

    Just found your review after searching many times for info on the Ipad and FFHD. Thank you, one of the most informative I’ve seen. My daughter is moving on to a Macbook and donating her Ipad to Dad.  I am IFR with most of 350hrs in a 172/u. Can’t wait to get this going.

  • Normutech

    Merry Christmas to all….I am in the market for the ipad 2 and will be purchasing foreflight after trying it out on a xcountry with my buddy. he has the ipad 2 wi-fi only and purchased the atat 4 g hotspot. i found that we lost the signal alot on the trip unless the hotspot was up on the glareshield….

  • Normutech

    continuing… dilema is this: do i purchase the ipad with 3g (does it need to be positioned close to the window) or do i purchase the wi-fi only version and use my i phone 4s for the hotspot and also to get gps info?  i hope im making sense and that someone can help me make the best choice for my needs. thanks and happy holidays!!!

  • Kshelton

    I am also interested in this topic. It is my understanding that cell service is only good to about 2000 feet. I have an ipad wi-fi 3g and had cell service from at&t for it. I also lost signal, my map quite moving (foreflight) frequently above 3000. If you find a way to make it work, please let me know, I just got a new gps antennae for it from sportys. While driving from Ohio to Colorado it worked fime

  • Hello Normutech, 
    The iPad does not require cellular signal to provide GPS data. Regarding using the iPhone, as far as I know, the iPhone will provide data service but will NOT provide GPS data to the iPad. I would suggest either of the two solutions. 

    1. Buy the 3G version (this has the built in GPS). This is also what I use. I fly a Cessna 172 and 182RG and have not had gps issues. Not even once. But it does take a while to get a gps lock when switching apps while en-route. 
    2. Buy the WiFi only version and add an external gps receiver such as bad elf 

    The up side with option two is that the bad elf (and others) provide better GPS accuracy as they are designed for aviation use. I have also noticed that the Bad Elf locks on to the GPS signal faster. 

    Let me know what you end up with. 
    Thanks for the comment. 

  • Hello Kshelton, 
    If you fly in the US you should not have your cellular data enabled when flying with the iPad. This is due to FCC regulations. 
    Regarding your issue with the moving map. The iPad does not require cellular data to provide GPS tracking. If cellular data is available it will use this data to lock on to a location faster (assisted GPS). 
    If your map locked up, it may have been due to the mode you were in i.e. looking at weather etc that requires cellular data. I fly with the iPad on every flight (up to 10,000) and have not had the GPS drop out. 

    If you want better GPS coverage check out Bad Elf and the other solutions out there. 

    Hope this helps. 
    Let me know how you make out. 
    Thanks for the comment! 

  • Try Bad Elf. My buddy Stephen has it and it works great! 

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