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Jeppesen Mobile TC iPad application review

My review of the Jeppesen Mobile TC iPad application.

For more information on Jeppesen Mobile TC visit Jeppesen at

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  • George

    I'm thinking about getting an ipad with Jepp Mobile TC. I really liked your presentation. I'm trying to choose between a 16g [with WiFi & 3g connectivity] and a 32g ipad. I fly mainly in the Caribbean, and don't plan to use the ipad for much else except as an e-reader (Kindle).

  • Mike Bennett

    Hello George,
    I think you would be okay with the 16GB model if all you want to use it for is the Aviation applications. You might want to go for the 32GB model if you think you would use the ipod features. Also you definitely want to pick up some sort of screen protector that cuts down on the glare (the one at this link is supposed to work really well) I am placing my order today.

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