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Last moments of East Haven CT plane crash captured on


As I was walking back from lunch I heard about a plane crash in CT. Being a pilot, I naturally had some interest in the story.

Here is what I have be able to find so far.

According to a Fox News  report, the FAA said that the aircraft originated from Teterboro KTEB in NJ and crashed as it approached Tweed New Haven Airport at 11:25.

With that information I pulled the latest flights from TEB to HVN and I found N16322


Flight track here: 

Below you will find the archive.
Link to

At 16:51 tower asks N13622 if he is going to maintain visual contact with the airport as he was on the downwind.

The weather conditions were as follows.

KHVN 091453Z 17012KT 10SM OVC009 24/23 A2990 RMK AO2 RAB42E52 CIG 007V014 SLP123 P0000 60002 T02390228 56020

Raw audio file:
10:50 You catch the end of his response to "join the localizer" 
11:56 N13622 checks in with the tower
12:06 N13622 is instructed to report left downwind runway 20
12:12 N13622 asks if it is going to be a strait in.
12:15 Tower responds "negative" with the winds.
16:56 N13622 responds that he is in visual contact. 
17:08 you hear the tower yell "622" 

My prayers to the pilot and the two children in the home that he crashed into.

Link to news article about the crash:
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