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My 4 year old son’s first flight lesson

As some of you already know, my son and I have flown together a few times.
On Saturday the plan was to meet my friend Frank at the airport and follow him in his Cirrus SR22 up to Orange County KMGJ to drop off his airplane for it’s annual inspection. Long story short, he had mechanical problems and couldn’t make it, so Steven and I ended up going for a little “flight lesson”.
I had to edit some things out to keep the video at 15 minutes, but you get the idea.
Enjoy and please leave your comments.
Some thoughts on my son:
As long as he has the desire to go for it; he has a great opportunity to do some really awesome things in his life. As with any parent, I act as his guide and hope he finds the path that suits him best. I am planting seeds already. I ask him “do you want to fly F18s or F22s?” He answered me after this flight.. “Daddy, I want to fly to the moon” 🙂

Sorry about the audio clipping, the rear intercom was too loud. I fixed it after lunch.

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  • Brian

    Once again, great video. It's awesome you can give your son these type of experiences. And nice headset… I just got mine and am lovin' em.

  • brad

    nice flying! (and teaching)

  • Awesome, does it get any better than that?

  • Very impressive! I have taken my 4yo son several times … But you are way ahead of me in terms of brainwashing (I mean flight training)!

  • Mike Bennett

    There you go. Making me smile at 1 am. Thanks for the comment.

  • Awesome video, a great way to spend sometime excellent father-son time together. Great blog you have here, I can't wait to see more.

  • Mom

    OK, Nana is torn between being proud of her boys – both my son who is such a good daddy and patient teacher, and grandson who has his daddy's same serious, brilliant approach to new things, and absolute terror.!

  • Mike Bennett

    LOL.. Don't worry Mom I will be careful as always.

  • Just found your site, and intend to come back. Your son is adorable and so very lucky to have you for a dad. I've found that the little ones seem to have a natural ability – no preconceived notions about how "driving" works.

  • Thank you. He is a great kid.

  • Louie

    Great Video. Reminds me why I learned to fly and makes me want to start flying again.

  • I found your site browsing. Waiting for my new IPAD to update. I have 6 kids, but my 3 yr old (turns 4 in May), loves airplanes, helicopters and flying. He is also my flying buddy. I have a Mooney 20C which gets us around great. I took my 12 yr olds to Chicago for St Patricks weekend to watch the festivities and check the museums. We are live in LR Arkansas, 3 hr 45 min flight and landed at Midway. I would rec using Odeyssey services there they are great. I am planning to trip to take Hudson (3yr old) to the Science and Industry museum. They have aircraft, submarine and the largest model train layout you can imagine. I will follow your site and share ideas. Happy flying and bonding.

  • Paul

    At this rate he’ll be flying solo in no time!  Never to early to get them in love with flying.  Flight Lessons

  •  Hello Douglas. Just reading through comments here and wanted to respond. I saw your comment on via my phone but couldn’t respond. Best of luck with your flying adventures. Please let us know. Also drop me a line if you are in the NJ area.

  • Josh

    OK, just saw this video, how funny is it that I am #2 behind you in 106AF on your return to MMU.  This would have been before I had my private.  I had to listen to it twice after I said to myself, ‘wait, is that MY voice?” 🙂

  •  Really cool. Small world.

  • Wc0921

    As an old Grandpa with 8 grandkids I can relate.  It is great to teach others about the joy of flying.  One caution:  prop safety.  Steven appears to be in the prop arc in the picture; a good opportunity to teach him never to go there…and why. 

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