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My first flight in the Lancair 360

kslancair360 My first impression was “this ain’t no VFR training airplane!”. This was My first flight in Keith Smith’s (ks flight log) Lancair 360 and my first flight in anything faster than a Piper Arrow. It was a bumpy day and our only smooth ride was at 5000 feet. The best part of the flight was when we were cruising at 5000 feet over Allentown KABE. Man were we booking! We were soon vectored back down to 4000 feet where the air was washboard rough! Keith completed 2 practice ILS approaches at ABE under the hood and then headed home. We both had enough for one day I was getting airsick (not normal for me). Take a look at the pictures and videos. I will bring my HD camera allong next time. Thanks for the flight Keith!

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