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NYC Skyline Flight 8-29-2011 (HD Video)

Yet another of my NYC skyline flights in the NY class bravo. This time we brought the camera with us using a new camera mount. I am not happy with the footage (too much vibration) but it’s still worth watching.

I did my best to capture all of the communications (even the parts that make me twitch) like not reading back my class bravo clearance.

This flight was with Piotr (a.k.a. Peter) from Poland. He is a follower of and had asked if he could go for a flight during his planned trip to the United States. After a few Facebook messages we finally set the date. The original plan was to make a long distance flight under IFR rules but due to time issues we couldn’t fit that in. The backup plan was an NYC flight. The day turned out to be very windy so we delayed our departure a bit and changed our dinner destination to Lincoln Park NJ (open later).

As you can see from the video it was still a bit bumpy but not bad. The pilots in the group might also notice the strong wind out of the south. As it turned out the winds kicked up a bit more later in the flight. After I got home I pulled up the Newark weather (180 at 17 gust 23 as I recall). Pretty windy for a night flight.

One notable event was my near encounter with the Yankee Stadium TFR. I asked the flight briefer about it and he told me that it wasn’t hot. As I later learned, they do not provide status on stadium TFRs since sporting event schedules are “too complex to keep track of”. So we are on our own, better add “check ESPN” to your pre-flight check list! Good thing I was talking with La Gurdia tower.

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