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Long Beach CA KLGB. Sitting on the south ramp I call ground and advise them that I would like to depart VFR to the practice area with information alpha.

They clear me to taxi and hold short runway 34L. I read back my clearance and take a look around. I haven’t flown at long beach before and can’t seem to figure out where that taxiway is (never a good sign :-)).

I ask for progressive taxi and soon enough I am holding short of runway 34L. After a brief run-up I switch to tower and am cleared for takeoff.

As I take off in the Beach Barron I think to my self “what a wonderful airplane, I just wish I knew this plane as well as I know my Cessna“. As I climbed out, I could tell this was going to be a good flight. The air was smooth and did I mention, I am flying my dream GA airplane!

After being handed off to departure, ATC called and requested that I reset my transponder. Sure enough in all the excitement I had forgot to turn it on.

I informed ATC that I wanted to head for the practice area. After a few minutes ATC advised me that I was leaving their airspace and to squawk VFR. I set the transponder to 1200 and got ready for some maneuvers. Just as I was getting the feel for the Barron I looked up and realized that I was IMC in a thunderstorm!

I made a quick 180 but I was still IMC so I looked up the So Cal approach frequency and requested an IFR clearance.

Me: So Cal Approach Barron 825TG

ATC: Barron 825TG SoCal Approach

Me: Barron 825TG is 20 miles east of Seal Beach VOR at 3000 ft requesting IFR clearance for Long Beach.

ATC: Barron 825TG squawk 2234 and Ident

Me: 2234 and ident 825TG

ATC: Barron 825TG is cleared to the Long Beach Airport expect radar vectors ILS 30, maintain 3000 fly heading 120.

Me: Barron 825TG is cleared to Long Beach airport via radar vectors ILS 30 maintain 3000 fly heading 120.

ATC: Barron 825TG read back correct.

After turning to heading 120 I briefed the approach and loaded it in the GPS and com radios.

After a few vectors the turbulence settled down a bit and this started to feel like any other IFR flight. Soon enough I was given my clearance for the ILS 30 approach at Long Beach. After intercepting the localizer So Cal handed me off to Long Beach tower.

Me: Long Beach tower Barron 825TG is on the ILS 30 with information charlie.

Tower: Barron 825TG winds 320 at 10 gust 19 cleared to land runway 30.

Me: Cleared to land 30 Barron 825TG.

As I passed “BECCA” (the outer marker) I set myself up for landing. Gear down (green light). Flaps set approach. Mixtures rich. Props set fully forward. Lights on. Fuel set.

The ILS went well. I kept the needles centered but I could feel the pressure of the flight on my mind.

800 feet. I broke out with the runway right where it should be! Cleared to land one last check. Crossing the airport boundary I bring my power back but I am not slowing down.

Okay… It looks like I am slowing down. Never-mind just fly the airplane. Flair… Airspeed isn’t moving. Touchdown.. Real nice.

Wait. What just happened! My left gear collapsed!

Seems I forgot to check all THREE green lights on the gear (our 182rg only has one light) and the instructor failed my airspeed indicator.

Good thing this was a simulator. Bad thing.. I was in Hanger C at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 with a bunch of airline pilots standing behind me!

Simulator provided by PFC Precision Flight Controls

ATC Service Provided by PilotEdge
AOPA Live interview with Keith Smith of PilotEdge

EAA Interview with Keith Smith of Pilot Edge

EAA Radio Interview:

EAA Radio Interview

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