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Socata TBM-700 N731CA crash on RT 287 Morristown NJ

Updates on the crash on RT 278 near Morristown NJ.

  • According to reports a Socata TBM 700 crashed shortly after departing Teterboro KTEB.
  • Authorities have reported 5 deaths with no injuries on the ground.
  • According to the a flight track on FlightAware the TBM departed TEB and lost radar contact at approximately 10:15 local time at an altitude of about 16,000 feet.

My hart goes out to the families. RIP..

The FAA has confirmed that the plane was a Socata TBM 700, registered N731CA. According to FAA records, the plane was built in 2005 and registered to Cool Stream Media, based in New York City. The TBM 700 is a single-engine aircraft capable of seating up to six people.

Link to Flight Aware Flight path info:

Link to the KMMU Audio Provided by (jump to 11:40):
File link: KMMU2-Dec-20-2011-1500Z

From the flightaware message board:

File with ATC comms provided by His call-sign is Jazz7650
File link: ZNY-MDT-Dec-20-2011-1500Z

At 8:13 you hear “i missed the number for Jazz 7650” then at 8:22 you hear what sounds like him calling “N7…” and then he is stepped on. Then at 8:34 Jazz tells “no response”. You can’t hear ATC talking to him unfortunately. Then you hear them all talking about the icing at FL170 and how it’s a “bad deal” It’s also interesting to note the steady drop in airspeed but I am not familiar with the TBM700.

Related Video:

Deadly Plane Crash On I-287:


State police: Plane crashes onto Route 287 in Morris Twp.
(12/20/11) MORRIS TOWNSHIP – State police have confirmed that a small plane
crashed on Route 287 this morning.
State police say the plane went down in the median of the roadway near
milepost 35. Route 287 has been shut down in both directions.

FAA spokesman Jim Peters says the single-engine turboprop had departed from
nearby Teterboro Airport when it disappeared from radar. It was a Socata

Authorities say there may be three possible deaths. No one on the ground was

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