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Tailplane Icing: A NASA Study

I originally discovered this video at and found it quite educational so I figured I would share it with our viewers.

A number of years ago NASA conducted a study on tailplane icing and made this video for all pilots. It outlines some of the distinct differences in both the symptoms and recovery techniques used during a tailplane stall due to tailplane icing. You never know, someday you might need to know the difference.

The following is an excerpt from the NASA / FAA Tailplane Icing Program Overview: (click here to view the document)

The effects of tailplane icing were investigated in a four-year NASA/FAA Tailplane Icing Program (TIP). This research program was developed to improve the understanding of iced tailplane aeroperformance and aircraft aerodynamics, and to develop design and training aides to help reduce the number of incidents and accidents caused by tailplane icing. To do this, the TIP was constructed with elements that included icing wind tunnel testing, dry-air aerodynamic wind tunnel testing, flight tests, and analytical code development.

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