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When in doubt GO AROUND

sbh crashA lesson to us all. Video of a crash at (SBH) St. Barthelemy Airport

How many landings have you done where that little voice in your head (put there by your flight instructor) kept telling you, GO AROUND, GO AROUND, GO AROUND? This is a good lesson to every pilot out there. I know after watching this accident I will be a bit more careful. The good thing about powered flight is that we “normally” have the go around option.

By the way… One of my landings at KBID Block Island looked a-lot like this one. But with a much lower ground speed. In my case, I stopped without any hard braking, though I did have to back taxi to get to the last taxiway. I should have gone around. If I did, it could have been a nice landing. Instead I “kerplunked” it in. It was a blemish on an otherwise perfect day. Lesson learned.

Fly safe.

crash SBH from Mo Po on Vimeo.

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